Bump Date Week 24

Its another uneventful week! I had an appointment this week and they gave me my glucola to do my 1 hour glucose test sometime before my next appointment. Baby girl is kicking and punching and rolling all over the place. I can kind of feel her body parts protruding on my belly when she rolls, but she’s not quite big enough for me to tell what I’m feeling yet. I think I’ve felt some hiccups too. My belly is high up so I look pretty big already. My belly button sticks out. I’ve been having random braxton hicks like I usually do. I’ve also had a few close encounters with those nasty night time charlie horses in your legs. I haven’t had one quite yet, but I could feel my legs starting to tense, so I stretched them out and it went away. I still have all of my usual symptoms too. Nesting is still around too.

Nothing else has really changed since last week. I’m at that point where things are pretty monotonous and boring – which is a super good thing!

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