Bump Date Week 23

Few! I’m getting to that part of pregnancy where its kind of hard to remember how many weeks I am! This week was wicked guys. The flu had us down for the count for an entire week, and then some. I’m still coughing, and my belly is so sore from that. I am pretty sure that I’ve pulled a muscle or something because it is so tender and it hurts to cough, especially on the left side of my belly. The good news is that Baby Girl is doing great, still kicking and rolling a lot. I feel like our sickness kind of took over this week and I haven’t really noticed any new symptoms at all. The only thing that I keep forgetting to mention is that my belly button has popped out. Its been that way for 2-3 weeks but I can never remember to write that down. Otherwise, everything else is the same. Its a boring week I suppose.

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