Captain’s Log Day 2,362

Its been a rough week guys. Last Sunday, 5/19, the boys woke up with pink eye. I took them to urgent care and they gave them both eye medicine and we found out that Sylas had an ear infection. They put him on amoxicillin for that. I kept him home from school Monday so that he would be on the eye medicine for 48 hours before going back to school. Tuesday I sent him to school and the littles to Grandma and Papa’s like normal. When Sylas got off the bus, it was apparent that he was sick. He slept away the afternoon, and Ivan had a cough. I went ahead and did a nose swab, thinking that it was probably croup, which is going around in our area. Nope. Influenza A. Sylas missed his last week of kindergarten because he had the flu. Early Wednesday morning – like 2am – Amalia woke up with a fever. She was also seeing things that weren’t there – bugs everywhere, a mouse, a dog, a  horse, and something on the ceiling that terrified her. It was really scary to watch, and there were times when I honestly wasn’t sure if she was really awake. Once her fever broke with a Tylenol/Motrin combo, she was fine and was able to go back to sleep. Thursday, I started with a tickly dry cough and by Friday, I was sure that I had it too. I took a two hour nap Friday, and the kids had been sleeping a lot too. We had already stocked up on cold medicine and fever reducers so that we wouldn’t have to go out. I, unfortunately had to work this weekend and Memorial Day is my holiday this year. I ended up having a PRN retiree come in for the second half of my shift for Saturday and Sunday, but I’m stuck here for the whole day today – Memorial Day. Yesterday was probably my worst day yet. My throat was so sore, nose congested so tight I couldn’t breathe, chest hurt from coughing, headache from the sinus pressure and coughing, my ears are sore, lymph nodes swollen and painful, fatigue, and chills. I took my temperature several times and I have yet to have a fever, its always perfect 98.6, but when I take Tylenol, I get the symptoms of a fever breaking. I suddenly get hot and sweaty after being cold, but my temperature stays the same. I don’t know what that’s all about.

Sylas seems to be doing better, but then he has a day where he sleeps all day. Poor Ivan refuses medicine. He is the worst about taking medicine. I can force him to take it, but that usually results in crying, which causes mucus which inevitably causes him to vomit. He doesn’t even like Motrin! What kid doesn’t like the taste of Motrin?? Amalia acts like she feels better, playing and things, but she takes more than one nap a day still. Her nose is so runny. She and Ivan had rhinovirus on top of the flu. Last night, at about 2am, she woke up again with the whole seeing bugs thing again. I’ve read that high fevers can cause people to become delirious. She doesn’t do it unless her fever is over 102, and of course, night time is when fevers are usually the highest. I’ve had to clean up vomit at least once a night this whole week. Either a coughing fit, crying over medicine, or rough housing cause it. I try to give them all medicine around 7 before bed, and they suddenly feel much  better and want to play. I feel bad making them lay down after having been doing that all day, but they get wound up, and somebody pukes. Saturday, I noticed that Sylas had a rash all over his face, neck and chest. I’m pretty sure he is allergic to penicillins like I am. So we stopped his antibiotic for his ear in hopes it will clear up. He was on it 6 days before having a reaction to it. Poor guy is all red and blotchy.

I think that Javier is getting it now too. It took him a while to catch it, but he’s been hacking since yesterday. I keep looking forward to the one week mark, when they say the major symptoms should start to go away. I know that the cough can last up to several weeks, but I could deal with a cough if I could just function. Yesterday, my face just hurt. Between the swelling and pressure and cough, my face was literally in pain. Like I had been punched or something. Today I do feel better than yesterday, but I’m not holding out hope that I’m on the mend because the kids have had a see-saw of a ride with this nasty bug. I have two days off after today and I’m hoping that my body can pull itself together and get over this by the time I have to go back to work Thursday. We have been without a baby sitter this whole time too, because my dad is immunocompromised. His doctor went ahead and put him on Tamiflu as a precaution after being exposed to the kids. So far he and my mom are fine. We are just quarantining ourselves to be on the safe side. Hopefully we don’t spread this to anyone else right before our vacation plans.

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