Bump Date Week 22

We had our ultrasound on Friday and she is indeed a girl. Everyone is pretty excited, many calling us “lucky.” She didn’t have any signs of a cleft, as her nose and lips looked perfect – squishy and sweet. Her little ears are identical to Ivan’s as far as I could tell. I think she will favor Ivan too. She has that same super pointy chin and a longer head, where Sylas and Amalia have a more round/square shape. She’ll be absolutely beautiful.

This week has been more of the same old same old. Thirst, sonic ice/cherry limeade cravings, pizza cravings, RL discomfort, leg joint soreness, sleeplessness, congestion, and easily fatigued. The one that has ramped up this week has been nesting. I thought maybe it was spring cleaning fever, but its definitely nesting. I’ve been on a cleaning rampage lately.

Baby girl has been moving a lot, and as I suspected, was breech at her ultrasound. She is getting so much stronger with her movements, to the point they are visible from the outside now. This is definitely my favorite part.

Even with all of the discomforts that I’ve had, they haven’t been unbearable, and I am really enjoying my last pregnancy to the fullest. I feel overall pretty good, my energy is coming back, and now that we are sure she’s a girl, I feel like I can really bond with her even more. Calling her by name is so fun, but I usually only do that in private because its our little secret!

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