Bump Date Week 21

Its week 21! I have my ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait! This week has been pretty much more of the same. Still tire quickly, still having food aversions. Cravings are pizza and Sonic cherry limeades – mostly so I can eat the ice after. I’m having random bouts of sciatic pain, and my leg  joints once in a while get sore. I’ve been having some random braxton hicks but nothing regular or painful. I still have a congested nose in the mornings and a tickly cough. I can’t wait for school to be over. Just over a week left. There are a couple colds going around our area – croup and a nasal cold – that I’m hoping we can avoid before school is out. Its the last thing I need right now. I’ve also been nesting some. I’ve been in the mood to purge some things again, and spring clean the house, not just tidy. I feel really big this time, but I think I always say that. I’m not at that stage where I want my due date to hurry up and get here, but we do have some fun things ahead before then, so that is probably helping. I’m excited for when she does get here, but not anxious yet. I’ll probably post an update after our ultrasound tomorrow. Other than that, this week has been uneventful. I’ve officially arrived at the point in pregnancy where each week feels the same to me.

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