Bump Date Week 20

We’re half way there!! Baby Girl is kicking and rolling so much lately its insane. There’s been this sudden increase in movement and her strength is crazy too. I can actually feel her rolling now, not just those fluttery kicks. Javier and I have both felt her from the outside now, and sometimes when I cross my arms on top of my belly I can feel her push on them. I’ve seen her kicks from the outside also. I feel pretty good most days, though today and yesterday my sciatic nerve is pinched or something and I’m walking with a limp. I really think that this Blanqui support tank has helped my back pain a lot this pregnancy. I don’t get achy except when I’m washing my tank. I think I’ll have to get another one to be able to rotate them. I’m starting to get a hint of nesting. Nothing outrageous, but yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning my kitchen, and while folding laundry in my room, I spied some cob webs that needed taken care of. Maybe its just me getting my energy back from being down for the count with fatigue. I haven’t been craving anything too crazy, mostly those cheap Jacks brand frozen pizzas and Sonic cherry limeades. Those are about the only things that I could eat day after day. I still have aversions to lots of things, but leftovers are really hard for me to eat. Poor Javier has been stuck either eating an entire leftover casserole over the course of several days, or I don’t cook dinner and do a quick fix instead.

After my last appointment, the office was supposed to fax over my ultrasound orders to the hospital. I waited a week and the hospital never called me to set up an appointment. I called the hospital Thursday when I turned 20 weeks and they said that they had not yet received the orders but they could call the office and have them re sent. I called them again Friday afternoon, which was yesterday, and they had my orders. They had absolutely no openings until next Friday, the 17th. So we will have our ultrasound then, though it will be inconvenient timing because I am planning Amalia’s birthday for that following Saturday, a little bit early due to schedules clashing. This will be the longest I’ve waited for an ultrasound. I’ll be 21 weeks and one day and I think Sylas’ was the next longest at 20 weeks.

I’m really excited for what is to come, but pretty patient too. I’ve said it before, I’m really trying to soak in this pregnancy experience, because I’ll miss it once its over. As hard as it is to be pregnant, I really do love it. I can’t wait to see her for the first time in a while on Friday.

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