Bump Date Week 19!

Its week 19! This week baby girl is measuring just over 10 inches from head to heel and about 10.5 ounces. Lately I’ve started to notice that she uses up all of her energy over a couple days, being very active and seemingly awake most of the day, and then has a rest day where I only feel her move around meal times. Yesterday was an awake-all-day type day. I’ve been able to feel her from the outside, though she never seems to be active when Javier is home, so he hasn’t gotten to feel her yet. I have felt her several times higher up from the inside, though she still normally hangs out really low. I think she must be head up still because her feet go crazy on the left side of my pelvis. It freaks her out when I sneeze. She jumps and wiggles pretty hard when I do that.

As for me, things are pretty steadily the same. My stomach muscles ache a lot on my midline. I’ve had some symptoms of SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction). My right hip joint, knee joint, and often my ankle ache. On occasion I get that pain in my groin as well. Its bad enough that I’ve been taking a couple Tylenol for it because the pain is really hard to ignore. My whole leg is useless sometimes because it is so sore. Oh what I’d give for a memory foam bed right now. Even sleeping with a pillow between my knees – which I’ve been doing for a while now – doesn’t seem to help. I have my appointment later today and they will be scheduling our ultrasound for the coming week or two! I’m so excited! I’m starting to get into the “I can’t wait until she is here” phase. It is going to make this pregnancy seem very long, so I’m trying to find joy in all of it – even the aches and pains. I think I’ll be able to make it to our summer vacation, and maybe Ivan’s birthday, but after that, I won’t have anything else to really look forward to except her birth. I am really excited to be a family of six. The boys are very excited about their “new baby” and ask me often “when is the new baby?” Sylas proudly announces to everyone he meets that “my mom has a baby in her belly” and beams with big brother pride. So excited to see her on ultrasound for the first time in months!

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