Bump Date Week 18

This week has been a lot more of the same. Insomnia, tiredness, round ligament pain, thirst, aversions, some cravings, and more movement. I feel her a lot now. I’ve felt her from the outside twice this week, but I had to lie down and be very patient. I bought a blanqui brand maternity support tank in hopes that it would help with some of the discomfort that I’ve been dealing with. I really think it has helped alleviate some of it. We will see how long it lasts. The tank top was pretty expensive though – $72.00. I’d love to have a second one to wear when I am washing the other, but the price tag is steep. I’ve been in the mood to clean this week but don’t have enough stamina. Its not like nesting mood to clean, more like spring clean. The clutter is starting to build up and it bothers me. I’d love to purge some things, but you have to make a huge mess to do that, and I don’t want to run out of energy before its clean-up time. I can barely keep up with the kids’ daily messes. I’m working every-other weekend until July while we train our new person, so every other week, I only get one day off at a time. It makes it hard to get things done because all I have time for is laundry catch-up, house tidying and maybe a grocery trip before my evening is consumed with dinner, bath, bed. I don’t know if I’ll ever have enough energy to tackle a bigger project before baby comes. Hopefully when I take my two weeks vacation this summer I’ll be refreshed enough to get my honey-do list checked off.

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