Bump Date Week 17

Its week 17! So far this week, things have been pretty good for me. I’ve been in a better mood this week which is good. The gorgeous weather has helped a lot too, I’m sure. My appetite is getting better – read: more cravings – but I still have aversions. I’ve been into pizza, cherry limeades from Sonic, and biscuits and gravy is my breakfast of choice. I did crave tortas this week, so Javier cooked that for us. I’ve been waking less at night from a dead sleep, but I’ve noticed that I toss and turn a lot. I think that I’m waking less because of the increased disturbances. I almost feel like restless leg syndrome may be what it is? Just a mild form or something. I feel like I have to stretch my legs a lot at night, and then my hips get uncomfortable, so I roll over a lot. My belly has been sore this week. I had round ligament pain at the start of the week, that can make my legs sore. The past couple of days, my upper abdomen has been sore too. Its almost right under my ribs where it hurts. I don’t know if its just lack of muscle tone from four pregnancies or what. I had a red, blotchy face this week too, but it is much better now after LOTS of moisturizer. I think they call that the mask of pregnancy or something. Its the first pregnancy that I can remember ever having it. If I did, I didn’t make note of it. I’ve still had congestion and my morning sneeze fest every day which is annoying. I feel really big right now, though I know I’m nowhere near how big I really get. I just feel bigger that average, if that makes sense. Looking back at my belly pictures with the other kids, I don’t think I am, but it feels like it. The most exciting thing for me this week has been movement. I feel her a lot, and its much stronger. Some days she takes a rest day, but at 17 weeks on the dot, she was all wiggly almost all day. I don’t know that she took much of a rest yesterday. I love this part. I haven’t felt her with my hand this week yet, but I think its just been bad timing. If I were patient enough, and didn’t have interruptions, I’d probably be able to feel her from the outside.

I’ll end this week with a bump shot


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