Bump Date Week 16

Its week 16! I feel like this pregnancy is going fast, yet slow at the same time. It feels like I should be farther along because we already know that she’s a girl, but its also crazy that we are almost half way there. This week, Sylas brought home a cold and I think that we are all catching it now. Last night Amalia didn’t sleep well and had a fever. I woke up with a sore throat this morning, after having a really tired day yesterday. I ended up with a headache to boot. Ivan has yet to have symptoms, but its only a matter of time. My belly is starting to feel heavy this week, especially the past couple days. My round ligaments ache a lot. I definitely have a prominent bump, and it pokes out under my scrub top. Its usually pretty easy to conceal with my scrubs being more baggy, but she is definitely there now. This week she is back to being low again, feeling flutters lower in my pelvis. My fundus is still right at my belly button. Her heart beat comes through really strong on my home doppler now. I feel like I’m becoming impatient to feel her kicks more. Its probably another reason I feel like this pregnancy is going nowhere fast. I have felt her roll, or push on me twice this week which was exciting. I’m still having all of the usual symptoms as well. I’m so excited for our ultrasound to be scheduled – I might need to call the doctor’s office to check on that – and I can’t wait to see her again! This weekend is my first weekend to start working every-other for a while. I will probably be doing that until late June. I’m sad that my days off will be jumbled, but I’m also excited to be working on the more quiet days – hopefully. I’ve reached the point in pregnancy – just like Amalia’s – where I’ve mentally checked out. I don’t want to work right now, I just want to rest and veg out at home. I want to hurry to my due date. Its unfortunate because I also really want to enjoy this pregnancy, as it is our last. I’m going to try really hard to soak in everything. Maybe working weekends will help some. We also have a two week vacation planned for this summer, so I’m hoping that maybe that will give me a chance to get away from work enough to be ready to come back before she’s born.

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