Captain’s Log Day 2,313

Its been a little bit since I have done a life update post. We have been in a mundane spot in life for a little while, so there’s just not been much to say.

Sylas is so ready for summer break. He asks all the time how many days are left. I can’t answer the same question any more. I’ve resorted to telling him “60 days” every time he asks now. He is excited for our vacation this summer, and he knows that we get to go do more fun things when it is warmer outside. I got his report card last week and he is excelling in everything. They just started learning math last quarter and I can already tell that he is going to be better at math than anything. He loves counting in his head and can do simple addition with ease. He definitely didn’t get that from me; I stink at math. I had to delete YouTube from our TV a few weeks ago because the kids had been fighting a lot more than usual, and it was almost always about what they were watching. They have been much better since then, with the occasional sibling spats here and there. I do think they are getting a cold though, because everyone is getting a little attitude over the past couple days.

Ivan has, for whatever reason, decided to take daily naps again. The little baby/toddler that cut out naps way too early has suddenly decided to take a nap a day. I don’t mind, especially when he naps at the same time as Amalia. I can get stuff done without interruption which is nice. Ivan recently went through a dinosaur phase – he still really likes them – but is suddenly, out of the blue, into The Iron Giant again. That was his big obsession last summer. His birthday party was even Iron Giant themed. He had asked me a while back for a dinosaur party this time, but is now asking for Iron Giant cupcakes. He doesn’t quite understand that sister’s birthday will happen first, and his birthday isn’t until the end of summer. I’m definitely not planning anything for him just yet, because there is plenty of time for him to change his mind. We literally watched the movie FOUR times in a single day last week. Thank goodness it isn’t a very long one. Ivan has also been into drawing lately. He is always asking for a marker and paper. To my surprise, he is actually very good at it too. I can make out most of what he is drawing. Sylas’ art talent didn’t crop up until preschool/early kindergarten. Ivan drew a portrait of him and Papa in the recliner – where they always sit when he wants to watch a show when he is at Grandma and Papa’s house. I could absolutely tell which person was dad and which one was Ivan, and could make out the chair behind them. Now the artistic abilities, he got those from his mama.

Amalia is talking so much. She makes full sentences, and has more words than I can count. She loves to say “see” a lot. Of course, nobody but us would know she can speak, because she is so shy. She can’t even look a stranger in the eye, but as soon as they turn to leave, she’s waving bye-bye at them. She is finally growing a little, wearing 18 month shirts and 12 month pants. Baby dolls are her favorite toy to play with. She doesn’t necessarily need a doll to play babies though. We went out for ice cream at Dairy Queen a couple weeks ago and I found her cradling the ketchup bottle from the table, gently rocking it and shushing. It was a hilarious sight. Everything can be a baby for her. She has cradled little figurine ponies, her teeny LOL dolls, and even one of Papa’s GI Joes. I don’t know which was funnier, the ketchup baby, or the man baby GI Joe. I am hoping she will be just as obsessed with her baby sister, and not go through too much jealousy. I do worry about that often, because Amalia is so clingy to me. Even when daddy is home, she prefers that I do everything for her, and she must stay by my side in everything I do. she accompanies me to the potty every time, closes the door for me and asks to sit on my lap while I go. Its routine now. Even when Javier is offering to play a fun game of chase with her, I must be in the room to watch, or she will come follow me. In social situations or large groups of people, she buries herself in me, trying to escape the people.

This post turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be, but I’m glad that I decided to sit down and write today.

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