Bump Date Week 15

This week has been more of the same. Still having insomnia, thirst, fatigue, stuffy nose, skin and hair dryness, reflux, round ligament pain, headaches, and food aversions. This week my craving has been pizza, though Reuben sandwiches and subway still sound good. I have been getting waves of constipation. Its like a pattern of not going a few days then a couple days regular. It is never hard to go once I need to though, which I find odd. Probably way TMI. Sorry. I’ve been pretty irritable this week still. Today I am in a particularly bad mood. I hate feeling this way, but I need some space today. But I am at work, teaching a student, with errands that I have to run after work, so I won’t be getting any me time. God help the people that have to cross my path today.

Baby girl is up high this week. I haven’t been feeling her as strong because she is up where she has more room before she touches me. When she was tucked in my cramped pelvis, I could feel her a lot more. My belly has popped a lot, and I look more pregnant than bloated. People that see me often can probably tell, but it would be rude to ask. I have felt a few kicks that I think could have been felt from the outside had my hand been there. Her bones are hardening now so that will make the kicks more pronounced. I find my hands rubbing my belly sometimes, and I can’t wait to be able to feel her all the time. The boys are very excited that we are having a baby. They don’t know its a girl yet, as there are some people that don’t know, and we don’t want them to spoil it. They love looking at my pregnancy+ app. It has weekly animations of what baby looks like. They’re pretty lifelike, so they love looking at “our new baby” on there. They can’t wait to feel her moving either. Amalia doesn’t really get it yet, but she loves babies, and also enjoys looking at the app. Hopefully the hospital will call me sometime to schedule our ultrasound for the end of this month, or beginning of next. I get more and more excited with every week that passes, experiencing more movement and getting closer to seeing her for the first time.

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