Bump Date Week 14

Its week fourteen! This week has been more of the same. Insomnia – at least 2-3 times a night. Drinking lots of water, headaches, sciatica, fatigue, stuffy nose, etc. My food aversions are still present, but I have a much better appetite. Its strange that I can have those two things at the same time, but I do. I’ve had more cravings as of late, which helps me eat. Subway – just like Amalia – and Arby’s Reuben sandwiches are probably my top two cravings. Oh, and DQ strawberry blizzards. I could probably live off of those three items alone right now. The last couple days, I’ve noticed that my calf muscles get tense when I stretch in the morning before getting out of bed, so I foresee those dreaded charlie horses in my near future. Baby Girl is moving every day. I mean, I know she moves all the time, but I can feel her at least once a day, usually in the morning when I get to work. I can’t wait for that to be an all-day thing. She is surprisingly low, just like her sister, even though I’ve definitely popped, and my fundus is right around my belly button.  I think her feet are on my left since that is usually where I feel most of her movement. Her heartbeat is almost perfectly center in my abdomen, so it can be hard to hear sometimes since my own veins and arteries run through there too. This week she can hear now, so that is super exiting that we will be able to talk to her now. The excitement is building and I can’t wait for my appointment Monday. I’m crossing my fingers that my doctor will let me see her again, but I’m not sure if he will since we have already done it twice now. I’ve already bought her a couple outfits. We don’t need anything for her really, but I always like to get each baby their own clothes as well as the hand-me-downs. Something of their own. I’d also like to get a different car seat as our seating arrangement in the vehicle will change, tightening up space. If we do end up doing that, I’ll do a separate post on why we did it, and what seat we ended up going with.

I think that wraps up week 14! See you next week!

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