Bump Date Week 13

I’m officially in the second trimester! Baby did quite the growth spurt this week, and I definitely feel it. From more round ligament pain to popping and looking pregnant now, I definitely noticed baby’s growth spurt. Last Friday I called my doctor’s office and got my NIPT Progenity results back. Baby is healthy with no chromosomal abnormalities and is a perfect baby girl. We are over the moon. I am so excited for Amalia to have a sister and playmate. The boys and girls can pair off and play someday, and nobody should feel left out. I think Amalia will be the most excited about the baby coming. She LOVES babies so hopefully her love for them will overpower her youngest child/clingy phase. As for baby sister, I’ve felt lots of movement this week still. Still not consistent with a time of day, but it is definitely baby that I’m feeling. She is very low, which I remember with Amalia also. Its so strange because my belly was higher with her but I felt her so low. My nausea has subsided significantly. I think that last week I had a bout of it because I was sick, but this week has been much better. My gag reflex is still strong. If a food has a texture that I suddenly don’t like, it makes me gag. My vitamins do that too. And coughing. I have phlegm in the mornings still, though I don’t think its a cold, I think it must be spring allergies because it has warmed up a lot lately. Food aversions are horrible still. Cravings come and go for random things. I drink tons of water, which is good for us, but I have to pee all the time. I’ve had sciatica several days this week which stinks, but it hasn’t been debilitating like it can sometimes get. I’m expecting that to come at some point. I have been having almost daily headaches too. Apparently its just what happens when I’m pregnant with girls. Yesterday was a bad one. I ended up taking Tylenol twice and had caffeine. It made my neck and eyes hurt even. Usually they aren’t too bad, and manageable until I get home to a noisy house, then I take a Tylenol to help. I don’t remember if/when they subsided with Amalia, I guess I’ll have to go back and read to find out. Hopefully they do at some point. My acne has been better lately, though I still have some pimples. My hair is dry, but since I’m in the second trimester now, I made myself a hair appointment to get it highlighted so maybe that will help. Even though its not healthy for your hair, I always feel like my hair feels softer and healthier after I get it done.

We plan to do some sort of gender reveal photo to share a little bit later, and I planned to post my announcement to social media today. I’m so excited for this pregnancy, just trying to soak it all in.

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