Bump Date Week 12!

Its week twelve! Second trimester, here we come! This week has been a bit of a roller coaster. I finally caught the stomach bug that the kids had so I’ve been down for the count this week. Its just taking a little longer to feel better since I’m pregnant. My nausea had went away for the most part, but its been back since coming down with this rotavirus. I also have another cold. Its not too bad, mostly just a cough with some morning phlegm. I’ve been feeling the baby move at least once a day which is so great. I haven’t heard back about my progenity blood test yet, so I called them yesterday, which was day 10, and left a voicemail. If they don’t call me by 10 today, I’ll give them another call. Since its Friday, the office closes at noon, so I can’t wait until I get home to call. Symptom wise, things have been steadily the same. Still having food aversions, though I have an occasional craving. I’m still super thirsty. I’ve been breaking out on my face and chest still, and the headaches happen almost daily around 1-2pm. I had the exact same thing happen with Amalia, so it makes me think its a girl. I’m still pretty tired, but time change has me staying up a little later. I still toss and turn all night, waking at least twice. My sciatica has been acting up a lot this week, so I’m sure that my ligaments are loosening now. I’ve also had a lot of round ligament pain this week, but baby is going through a huge growth spurt this week and next. I’ve also had more reflux this week, and it doesn’t matter what I eat. Thanks hormones. I’m officially completely off of my progesterone too! Yay!

I have a really cute announcement photo planned that I need to go shopping for this week. I am going to share on social media next Thursday at week 13. I stole the idea from Instagram. I’ll be sure to share it here on my bumpdate for next week.

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