Bump Date Week 11

This week has been so full of exciting changes! First up, and most excitingly, I’ve felt flutters. Lots of flutters. Timing still isn’t consistent, but I think that early morning I feel more movements. This is the BEST part of pregnancy by far for me. I also feel like I’ve popped. Its that in-between place where I look fat, but also suspiciously round. I’ve been feeling less nausea day by day. I still get waves, especially after I eat – usually its sweets that do it, but food does in general too – so that is unfortunate. But I do feel a lot better. I’m going to try and stop my b6 supplement and see how that goes. I am gaining energy, though I have catch-up days too, where I need to lay down and rest. I still get winded pretty quickly. I’m still sleepless at night, and I’ve started to sleep with a small pillow between my knees because my hips had been bothering me when I woke up. That helped a lot. I’ve been having round ligament pains almost every day. The heartbeat is relatively easy to find now, though baby moves around a lot in there. One day I’ll find it down low, and a few days later its substantially higher, only to move back down again. The excitement has officially set in for me. I don’t worry as much now, and I’m so happy to be pregnant. I’ve officially told my work and family. In the next couple weeks, we will be “Facebook official.” I did my prenatal labs Monday and ended up electing to do the progenity NIPT blood test. So we may find out the gender sometime next week! I am beyond excited for baby and am really trying to soak in every moment of this last pregnancy.

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