Bump Date Week 10

Yesterday marked week ten! The previous days had been more of the same. I’m pretty sure that my morning sickness peaked last week. I felt awful. The nausea was to the point of making me want to throw up. My gag reflex was on high alert too. Then suddenly, yesterday at 10 weeks on the dot, I felt much better. I still had little waves of nausea, but I mostly felt good. And last night, I felt like I had some energy. I did get tired quickly, but I had the desire to clean up the house, and that was after running to the grocery store! I still went to bed pretty early, but I felt like a different person yesterday. Hopefully that trend continues. It did worry me a little bit, so I got my doppler out to check on baby. It had been several days since I last checked. Previously, baby’s heartbeat had been very low, just above my pubic bone. Last night, I was having a hard time finding it, which started to scare me, so I decided to check higher up. I found it to the left and about an inch or two under my belly button! I knew this past week that clothes have started to get uncomfortable, and I can’t hold my bladder. Today waking up, I really feel like I’ve popped a little. Thank goodness my appointment is Monday morning, because everyone will know before long if I don’t tell them. I planned to wait until after the NT ultrasound to share. I can’t wait to see baby again. I’ve been craving fruits this week, namely strawberries. I really want watermelon, but it is still out of season, and the sliced pieces at the store don’t look very good. I don’t really crave anything else though. I usually only want to eat a meal once, leftovers are not my friend, just like Amalia’s pregnancy. I also have been drinking tons of water. Most days at work, I come pretty close to finishing 60 ounces in my 8 hour work day. And I drink half a water bottle when I get up in the morning, and polish that off when I get home, and start in on another. No wonder I can’t hold my bladder. I have had sporadic headaches this past week, but I think that some of them were due to poor sleeping positions. I hope I don’t have headaches like my last pregnancy. I’ve been having acne, pretty much this whole time, but I’ve forgotten to mention it. It isn’t bad, but they are tiny pimples all over my forehead and chin. I even get some on my chest, which I never get. They don’t get red unless I pick them, so I try not to, because they aren’t too visible if I leave them alone. I’ve been having more round ligament pain, but in the night – and even sometimes in the day – if I roll over too fast or something that involves my lower abs, those round ligaments start screaming. Its like a charlie horse in my abdomen. It doesn’t last too long, but it hurts. I hate them at night, because I may roll over in my sleep, but the pain wakes me and I have to wait till it calms down to get positioned to sleep. Meaning even less sleep for me. Yay. Pretty much everything else has stayed the same.

I am so excited now. It has finally set in and I don’t worry as much. I went through a stage of dread. Not dreading the baby, moreso the pains that pregnancy brings. I was afraid I’d have a long painful pregnancy. I was afraid that my morning sickness was never going to go away, and I was not looking forward to delivery. I don’t usually get nervous about that part, but I felt that this time. I feel really excited now though. My belly will only get bigger and soon I’ll start to feel the baby which will be my next step of relief from this anxiety and worry.

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