Bump Date Week 9

Its week nine! We are officially in the last week of the embryonic stage. At the end of this week baby will officially be called a fetus. This week has been pretty similar to all the rest. Some sites say that morning sickness peaks this week, and will hopefully start to fade. I’m still pretty well constantly nauseous. I am hoping that the coming weeks bring some relief with that. I want to feel somewhat back to myself. I’m still pretty tired, sometimes I have more energy, but I usually just want to rest. I’m still hitting the sack around 8-8:30 at night. I’ve still been pretty grumpy. I think that has so much to do with me not feeling the best. My hormones are raging also, but I’m tired and don’t want to do anything, so when I have to do something, I get grumpy about it. I still have no cravings, only aversions to literally everything. My round ligament pain took a break last week, but it is definitely back. I think its because baby is having a major growth spurt these next couple weeks. Something I’ve noticed this week, is tossing and turning at night. I don’t think its new to this week, I’ve just now put two and two together. I probably only lay on one side for half an hour before I need to roll over. I think its my hips that start to get uncomfortable. I’ve been dealing with lots of reflux lately too, which in turn makes me even more nauseous. I’ve been taking Tums and Zantac which helps a lot. I’m also still freezing cold, mostly in the evenings. Showers are about the only thing that really warm me up still.

I am looking forward to my next appointment coming up in week 10, and we will finally tell everyone. I still haven’t decided on doing the NIPT blood test then or not. My doctor recommended it, but I need to call my insurance and make sure its covered. It would be really cool to find out the gender early this time, though that isn’t the point of the test. I can’t wait for next week, so that we can finally let the cat out of the bag!


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