Bump Date Week 8

This post is way late, but its week 8! I had my appointment last Monday and everything looked great. Baby measured exactly on time. I ended up coming down with a cold Monday afternoon and the next three days my morning sickness was a lot worse, I think because of all of the extra mucus. My gag reflex was heightened as well and every time I coughed, I gagged. By Friday I had started to feel much better, even had more energy Friday and Saturday. Sunday, all I wanted to do was sleep. I don’t know why, but I was super tired Sunday. This weeks symptoms are more of the same. I’m still sick, obviously. I am still having a hard time eating, food aversions are so strong. I’m tired and moody and thirsty. Something new this week is waking up in the morning feeling like my bladder is going to explode. I even got up to pee in the night once this week, which is unusual for me until much later in pregnancy. I found the heartbeat at 8 weeks 2 days with my home doppler, which is the earliest that I have ever found it. That is such a huge relief, being able to check on baby when I’m feeling worried is so helpful for my nerves. I haven’t told anyone yet. I think I’ll tell work after my next appointment at 10 weeks 4 days. Javier told his parents this week. They are all excited. I think that the excitement has finally set in for me. Javier and I daydream about baby and talk about the things that will soon unfold. One thing that we still haven’t really talked about is whether we think its a boy or girl. I’m not really sure yet. With Ivan I was one hundred percent sure he was a boy. Amalia I knew was a girl, but was too afraid to say it because I thought she’d be a boy if I did. This time I don’t really have an inkling yet. Either way, we will be so excited.

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