Bump Day Week 6

Its week 6! This week baby is the size of a blueberry and the brain is making some big developmental changes this week. So far I’ve been feeling about the same, only my symptoms are slightly enhanced. I’m still wicked tired. If I could take an hour nap a day, I absolutely would. I did take a nap last Saturday while Amalia was napping. Heaven. I have been hitting the sack around 8-8:30pm most nights if I can get the kids to bed. Food still sounds gross to me. I don’t want to eat anything. It doesn’t make me feel nauseous or anything to think of food. I just don’t want to eat. Of course I still do eat, but its like I have to force it. I keep telling myself to just pick something and eat it. I’ve been super thirsty still, drinking nearly 48 ounces of water in my 8 hour work day, and then coming home craving a slushie. I love my drinks to be ice cold when I’m pregnant. I’m still grouchy too. I feel really bad when I get a temper, but I really can’t help it. Things just get on my nerves so bad right now. I apologize when I feel better, but I still feel guilty that I get so worked up over simple things. I’ve been so angry to the point of near tears. Its kind of ridiculous, and I feel silly thinking about it after the fact. Its like I’m an irrational child – haha. The past maybe 3-4 days, Ive been having some cramping. I know that its normal a lot of the time, but I can’t help but worry. Its what I do best after all. I can’t tell if its my pants being too tight – which I don’t think they are any tighter, but maybe its just more sensitive – or if its my hormones or what. Being on progesterone doesn’t help that either, because the criteria for normal cramping is that it isn’t accompanied by bleeding. But being on progesterone prevents bleeding, so I wouldn’t know if its normal or not. Baby is growing a lot this week, so it could just be that. I just don’t know. I hate that my appointment is so far away.

I’ve been taking my Smarty Pants prenatals twice a day – you have to take 6 gummies a day so I split them up – and I take a b6 at bedtime. The b6 makes me gag. I have a hard time taking pills when I’m pregnant because my gag reflex is so bad. I also take my progesterone suppository twice a day.

I would appreciate prayers for peace in the waiting, and that the baby is healthy and perfect. I know worrying does no good, but not worrying is easier said than done.

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