Bump Date Week 5

This week has brought on some small changes, which is very exciting! I have high hopes that these symptoms mean that everything is in the clear. First off, I’ve been super moody. I get pretty heated over little things. Its kind of a negative symptom, especially for the people who have to deal with me. I am super bloated. Part of that could be due to being on progesterone. The past few days, I’ve been having cramps and twinges. They aren’t painful, but I think I remember previous pregnancies having these same cramps. Cramps can be worrisome, but I think they are normal as long as there’s no bleeding. I am super thirsty most of the time, and I want my drinks to be ice cold. I’m super tired. I would love to take a nap right now, which is unusual for me because once I’m up for the day, I can’t usually sleep until its bedtime. I get winded pretty easily and I get wore out fast. I am still having insomnia, waking around 3-4am. I’m already having a hard time finding something that sounds good to eat. I get hungry, but I don’t know what to eat and nothing sounds appetizing. I had this symptom with my other pregnancies too. I occasionally have an upset stomach in the morning. Its not to the point that I feel nauseous, I just need to have a snack before I do anything, more like hunger pains I guess. I’ve been taking B6 every night before bed and I think it has been helping keep the nausea at bay… for now. I think that’s about it for this week for symptoms. It is starting to feel real for both Javier and I, and the excitement is setting in.

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