Grove Collaborative New Customer Haul // FREE Gift Set For You!

This post isn’t sponsored, I just love this website!

I have recently discovered a wonderful company called Grove Collaborative. It is a website that has organic, green cleaning and household products at discounted rates. It used to be a subscription-based service, but now offers their products for purchase on an as you need them basis! They still have the subscription if you would rather go that route as well. You can cancel your shipments at any time, skip months, delete and add products to your cart and shop whenever you feel the need. You’ll also get free shipping, and if you spend $60 or more, they’ll send you a free gift!

Grove also has a new customer bundle where you get a five piece gift set with your first $20 purchase. You always get to choose your scents too! In the cover photo of this post, everything in that photo was FREE except the Glassware brush, the dish scrubber and the toothpaste. With Free shipping, I only paid $22.54. I placed my order on January 1st, and got my package in the mail on January 5th.

Here is a link to their website where you can claim your free 5 piece gift set!

I have since placed a second order for some additional cleaning products, and have my next order lined up, and I’ve already earned TWO FREE gifts besides my free gift set, just from making purchases! Grove has so many products to offer that are better for your health, home and the environment. Recycled, re-usable, chemical free products and you get a great deal. They have more than just cleaning products too! They have personal care items like organic vitamins, toiletries, hair care, skincare, and even sustainable diapers and wipes.

Their website doesn’t hesitate to post their customer’s honest reviews of the products they sell, even the bad ones – which are few because the products are, for the most part, great. I wanted to run through my new customer order with my readers and give a review on the products that I received.


My first freebie was their 16oz glass spray bottle. Yes, I said glass! It has a silicone cover for the bottom to prevent slippage, and to help protect it. I use it with my Grove cleaning concentrates. I love the packaging too! I actually have three of these now!


The next free item I got is the Grove all purpose cleaning concentrate. They come in sets of two. You just dump it into the glass spray bottle – or any spray bottle you have – and add about 16oz of water – the glass spray bottles make this part so easy. These smell great – I have both the orange rosemary and the lavender scents. They also make concentrates for the floor, glass, and tub and tile cleaners. You get to choose your scent! I know some people that use the floor cleaner in their Swiffer wet jets!


My next free item was this set of two scrubber sponges. They are biodegradable and the sponge is really soft, while the walnut scrubber side gets the grunge off of your dishes. I really like these for washing my pots and pans.


My next free item was this set of two microfiber cloths. The quality of these is great, they don’t feel thin like the cheap Walmart ones, and they don’t pill.


My last free item was one that Grove added to my cart at the last minute, I think because I signed up on a holiday maybe? This bamboo cutting board looks so pretty on my kitchen counter. It isn’t very big, but it is perfect for making a quick sandwich or slicing up some fruit for a snack.


My first purchased item is their replacement bubble up brush. I already have a bubble up brush and dish set that I got at Marshall’s, but my brush was looking pretty sad. I use it all the time, so I got a replacement brush and it fits perfectly! My dish is full circle brand for reference.


My next purchased item is this glassware cleaner. I use it on other things as well. The head is removable and you can purchase replacements when the old one wears out. The handle is a beautiful wood and looks so nice next to the sink.


My last purchased item is the Hello brand charcoal toothpaste. It is black, and it can be messy, but I truly can see a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I think that you would have to use it daily for upkeep, but it is pretty cool. I didn’t really need this product, but had wanted to try a charcoal toothpaste so I thought, why not?

Grove also sends a welcome card in your package with your personal Grove representative’s email and cell phone number, so you can text them any time with questions. I accidentally ordered the wrong scent in my last order, but realized it in my confirmation email. I texted my rep right away and she changed my order before it shipped! They replace items that may spill in shipping – though they do a very good job at preventing that because they tape their cleaning products shut. They have great customer service.

I joined Grove as one of my “new years resolutions” to get healthier and cleaner and better for the environment. I feel really good about my purchases and contributing to bettering the environment, both on a global level and just in my own home, for me and my kids.

Be sure to check out that link to get your free gift set!


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