Bump date Week 4

Its day one of week four! Unfortunately, Monday night, I came down with a bout of food poisoning and was violently sick all night, every hour. I’ve never been that sick. I know it was the food because within four hours of eating, both my dad and I were sick and later Tuesday afternoon, Amalia got sick as well – she shared with me. Its Thursday now and luckily I feel much better. I got a little worried about baby, but all seems to be going well. My line progression is good, so as far as I can tell, everything is fine. I started my first dose of progesterone last night. I’ll be on that until 12 weeks. So far, symptom-wise, I haven’t really felt any different until probably Monday. Pregnancy insomnia is my first sign of pregnancy. I’ve been waking up around three every morning and being restless until its time to get up. I’ve also  been super tired, hitting the sack between 8:30-9:00 if I can get the kids to bed. Yesterday and today I’ve noticed that I don’t have much stamina. I get breathless going up the stairs and I feel like I’ve run a marathon walking Sylas to the bus stop – which isn’t far. I’ve also noticed some nausea. I thought it was too early for that, but I’m starting to think I was wrong. Yesterday I attributed it to my lack of eating for two days while recovering. But this morning I’m a little bit nauseous too. I think I’m going to go buy some vitamin B6 and start taking that daily. It helped with my other pregnancies with sickness, so I’m hoping to get on top of it before it becomes unbearable. I think that is really it for symptoms. I’ll be doing weekly bumpdates like usual!

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