Captain’s log day 2,229

Our household is finally on the mend. Well, Javier is still coughing, but I think it’s almost over. We had a weekend away planned for Javier’s birthday but we had a blizzard roll in instead. I was kinda sad that we didn’t get to go celebrate, but we had a great lazy weekend at home too. The boys stayed at grandma and papas house Friday and Saturday night so we just had Amalia at home with us.

The most exciting part about the weekend was finding out we are pregnant. I wasn’t really expecting it to be positive. We had passively tried but I didn’t keep track of anything. I wasn’t really planning to really start trying until closer to spring but it all works out in perfect timing I guess. I had tested a couple days before and gotten negative. So I didn’t really think it would be. I think that our roles have reversed this time a little bit. Javier was apprehensive to get too excited. I’m usually the one that gets nervous that something is going to happen. Surprisingly, I’ve been pretty calm about it. I had a little bout of worry but for the most part I can talk myself out of it. My lines are pretty strong for as early as it is so I’m happy about that. I’m trying to be really hopeful. I think that, after sleeping on it, Javier is starting to get excited too. He touched on names a little bit yesterday. I’ve prayed before when TTC that if it wasn’t meant to be, that we just not get pregnant. It can be hard to have faith when you’re going through all that heartache, but I’m hopeful that God gave us this baby to bring home from the hospital.

3 weeks 2 days


ps: what a coincidence that the title of this post ends in 2229 – look at your phone and see what that spells.

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