What I Got My Kids For Christmas 2018

I wanted to do a Christmas haul for this year. Last year I think I did a gift ideas list. Granted, most of the stuff on my last years list is stuff that I bought, or had already. It is getting hard to buy for the kids. They already have everything they could possibly want or need. They do have a couple very specific wishes, but they are stuck on those things, every time I ask them its always the one thing they want.

I know that people do Santa Claus differently. Javier didn’t celebrate Santa in his childhood, instead they celebrate the “Reyes Magos” or the wise kings. So we do Santa the way that my parents did when I was young, with a little twist. We have only one gift from Santa, and the rest are from each other. Typically, our Santa gift was our big ticket item, but that’s the part that I switched up. I read an article a while ago about how some kids parents cant afford a big Christmas and how we should try to let Santa gift something on the smaller side, so that those children that can’t afford a hundred-plus dollar Christmas gift don’t get left out, or feel bad that their gift is lesser, especially when they still believe. This year, the big ticket item is wrapped under the tree from mom and dad. Each of my kids has written a letter to Santa with their gift desires, each totaling $40 or less. For us, Santa leaves his gift, unwrapped and unboxed, in front of the tree for the kids to see right when they wake up. It saves wrapping paper and it looks hand-made like Santa supposedly does.

First up, I’ll share what each of my kids is getting from Santa Claus and follow with each of their hauls. I’ll link the items as best I can – just click the photos. As for the clothes, I have no idea if any of it is still available or where half of it came from as I’ve had that for quite a while I’ll try my best, but I’ll probably leave some of it out – ps everyone gets socks and underwear.


Sylas asked Santa for this tornado maker. He is obsessed with storms – anything science really – and this is what he has wanted for a long time.


Ivan wanted a transformer from Santa this year. I don’t think he had one in particular in mind, he has never seen one of this size or realism, so I’m sure he will be so excited.


Santa is bringing Amalia this interactive puppy dog. She loves babies and animals, and I thought this was really cute.

Sylas’ haul is a little bit random. Actually, I take that back, everyone’s is a bit random. The boys are into Ghostbusters, Dinosaurs, Legos, Transformers, etc so I just got a lot of different things. Amalia is into babies, animals, and recently, cooking. I’m sure they will enjoy everything they’re getting.

For all the kids, we got a Nintendo switch. They boys have wanted one since summer, and we got it on sale for Black Friday. The console with no games is $299, and this one with pre loaded games was $299 on Black Friday, down from $359. I’m kicking myself for not getting it this summer and storing it away, because the one with no games was $179 in the summer when we first looked at it. Totally ridiculous.


































I also got Amalia  a bunch of clothes from Marshall’s that I can’t link – and its already wrapped… guess I didn’t think this through very well.

Phew! It looks like a long list, but when its all wrapped under the tree, it doesn’t seem like much at all! I try my best to even out a budget for everyone. I don’t specifically spend a set amount per kid, but what I spend on one, I spend on the rest. Hopefully I’ve lent some ideas to someone who is looking for something different to get their kids this Christmas.

If anyone wants to see my stocking stuffers, leave me a comment! Thanks for reading!

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