Let It Snow // Captain’s Log Day 2181

Sunday we had our first blizzard of the season. We only got about 4 inches of snow, but the wind was ferocious, drifting the snow everywhere. I woke up Sunday morning and peeked out the window, surprised to find there was nothing on the ground yet – the news reported the storm rolling in at 6am. It ended up drizzling rain by 9, which quickly turned to freezing rain and sleet. By 11:00 it was snowing and the wind had picked up a lot. I couldn’t really tell when it stopped snowing because the wind blew snow down our street all night.


I felt like I had a pretty productive Sunday, even though I did sit on the couch for a good while before and after Amalia’s nap. I got the kitchen cleaned, finished up my laundry and made some soup. The restaurant closed early because of the storm, so Javier got to come home by 4:00pm. The DOT was recommending suspending travel during the blizzard – as per usual, and put out a tow ban, so they decided to close the restaurant and get everyone home. It was so nice having him home for the evening. We cooked dinner together – huevos con chorizo – and rented Home Alone on Amazon prime for a cozy movie night on the couch. I turned on all of my Christmas lights in the living room and we watched TV with the warm glow, snuggled all together on the couch under a blanket. It couldn’t have been more perfect.


The boys wanted to go out in the snow while Javier cleaned up the driveway. Sylas was out for a little bit before I decided it was too cold. Ivan wanted to follow suit, so I bundled him up and let him go out. He didn’t even make it to the corner of the garage before turning around and hollering at me through the front door to be let in. He kept mumbling “its cold out mom, its windy mom,” and I told him that he and I were one in the same, not made for winter weather, summer babies at heart.

Sylas ended up not having school Monday. He had a six day vacation from school with Thanksgiving and the snow day. I, unfortunately, had to go to work. Javier had shoveled some of the snow the night before so there was less work to do in the morning when it gets frigidly cold. The snow plow had created a mountain behind our cars, so he was out shoveling that while I got ready for work. I still got stuck and we were out there digging me out for a good bit. I ended up being 15 minutes late to work. It all turned out fine though, my boss is very understanding of these situations.

Its Thursday now, my last day for the week. Well, I have tomorrow off and work Saturday and am off again Sunday. My co-worker has a race she is participating in Saturday, so I’m covering for her. I’m so glad I am off tomorrow. Today when I get home, Javier and I plan to finish up our Christmas shopping for the kids. I will be so relieved when that is over. Having everything ready for Christmas is satisfying. Let the wrapping begin!

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