2018 Christmas Décor

I usually only decorate our great room for Christmas. Our kitchen is lacking in counter space, and we don’t spend enough time in our bedrooms to decorate them. I suppose you could call this a tour/ haul of sorts. I got a lot of new pieces this year, and incorporated my stuff from Christmases past as well.

Most of my decor sits on my sofa table, as it has the most room. I always have my pair of lamps, our willow tree family, the ceramic heart, our beta fish and of course, our photos. Everything else I typically switch out from season to season.

On the left end of the sofa table, I have a small display. All of these pieces – bottle brush trees, reindeer, succulent and flocked tree – are from Marshall’s this year except for the lamp. The lamp is from Hobby Lobby a couple years old but I think they still have them.

On the right end of the sofa table, I have my second display. The flocked tree, two houses, light-up picture frame and the fur tree are from Hobby Lobby this year. The bark tree is one that I got at Hobby Lobby probably 3-4 years ago.

My next display is on my coffee table. My tray is always the same, I got it at Target probably 3ish years ago. I just change out the decor for every season. The lantern usually stays as well and I fill it with different things, for Christmas I have a pine needle filler with a pinecone on it that I just stuff inside. The pitcher is actually one that my Grandmother made. It holds special meaning to me because she is no longer with us, and it fits here perfectly. I just added a little pine filler to it from Hobby Lobby. The little house, candle wreath and candle are all from Hobby Lobby this year as well. The mason jar of rocks is Sylas’ little rock collection.

The next area that I decorate is the Kids’ toy bin shelf. The basket of photos usually stays there all year – it’s from HL – and the brown bowl is something that a friend of mine made for me a long time ago. We keep it there for our house keys safekeeping. The willow tree kids And the wreath – again HL – are always there too. The light up tree, potpourri jar and ceramic tree are all from Hobby Lobby last year. I got the succulent at Marshall’s this year.

The last place that I decorate is the pass through window to the kitchen. There’s a nice ledge there where I keep a photo of the kids. The white vase, cotton stems and the flower are all Hobby Lobby. I’m not really sure when I got them. The snow globe is also Hobby Lobby and I got that last year.

I tend to go for neutral Christmas looks. I like the greenery and flocked trees to make it look snowy. I don’t do very many pops of color. Mostly white, and the pine greens serve as the color pop. Golds and silver are great ways to make things sparkle without glitter. Red isn’t my favorite color, and a little bit goes a long way before I feel like its too gaudy for me. There are some awesome red decor ideas on Pinterest that are beautiful, but they don’t fit the theme of my home. I also like it to be pretty minimal. I don’t deck out every inch of the house. My kids don’t have their own Christmas trees in their rooms – I feel like the one is enough of a fire hazard. If my kitchen were bigger, I’d probably have a small tray in a corner, but for now, all I do is switch out my rugs from blue and white to Christmas colors.

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