Captain’s Log Day 2173

November has been a rough month guys. I feel like life has been in a downward spiral  for the past few weeks. Javier started at his new job – a month and a half late, mind you – on November 7th. The whole week prior, he had been spending nearly every day there, helping with the final preparations. He hasn’t had a day off since they opened. I’m more than a bit irritated at that. I get that they’re busy, but they should get more help if they can’t even let the staff have one day off a week. Of course, everything on the home front is falling apart now that he is gone.

I got rear ended the day before opening day, and I’ve been dealing with calls, emails and appointments with insurance adjusters, auto body shops and the doctor. Thursday, the 8th, Sylas threw up all over the kitchen. We have been scrambling for babysitting as my mom started a new job and has been traveling back and forth for training and my dad has been taking her, as they typically stay a week at a time. Of course we would come down with the stomach bug now, after making special arrangements for nearly every day of the week for childcare. Next, the garbage disposal quit working over the weekend. On Tuesday the 13th, Sylas missed the bus stop, and contrary to the school policy that the child is to be returned to the school for parent pick-up, the driver made him get off at the next stop, a whole block over. Sylas had to CROSS THE STREET to come home, by himself as I had ran inside to get on the phone with the school. I filed a report with the school and bussing company because, #livid #mamabear feels like this can’t happen again. Thursday the 15th, I started coming down with the stomach virus. I made it through work, but ended up taking Friday off. I went to the ER early Friday morning because I had some serious chest pain that ended up being acid reflux from the puking. Fluids and antacids for me. Amalia now has diarrhea, it started last night. Javier said he thinks he is also coming down with it, leaving poor Ivan, who will probably wait until Thanksgiving day – which we are hosting – to catch this nasty bug, because that is how my life is going right now.

Phew! I am so ready for vacation! I have a four-day weekend over Thanksgiving, I work the weekend preceeding Christmas, but I will have a SIX DAY STRETCH off right after and I am stoked! I need some down time. Probably won’t get it though, because another catastrophe will somehow find us.

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