My Camera and Me

You can probably tell by a quick glance at my blog that I am into photography. I love it. Despite the fact that I am a scientist in my career, I am a very artistic person – well rounded, I’ve been told. I have enjoyed taking photos for a very long time. In my youth, I would use up entire rolls of film in those cheap disposable cameras, taking pictures of everything. My dog and cats and flowers and trees and sunrises. Mostly nature, but sometimes nature provides some of the most beautiful things to look at. I got my first digital camera my freshman year of high school. All three-point-two megapixels of it. It took horrible photos. The resolution was so bad, its embarrassing to think that my camera I have now is twelve times that. But, I loved it. At the time, it was what I could afford and it worked for me. Fast forward to Senior year, I bought a hefty fujifilm point and shoot that looked like DSLR. I upgraded from 3.2mpx to 8 and kept taking photos of the great outdoors. Sometime during my freshman year of college, after getting a job and saving up, I bought my first DSLR – A Nikon D3200. I think it had like 12mpx or something like that. I spent almost $400 on it. I was so proud of it. I signed up to take the only photography classes that my college offered and I took a photoshop class as well as illustrator class – mind you this was on top of my science classes for my degree. Through the classes, I was finally able to learn how to use my camera and make my photos my own, and it really brought out the artistic side of photo-taking that I so loved. Leaving auto mode and going full manual is empowering. And photoshop. I love the post-processing part, in some cases even more than the photography. I wasn’t very good at it at first, over-editing a lot – less is more people. But I eventually found my swing. I am at a place in my journey now where I am satisfied with my style, though always eager to learn new things. I use my camera almost like an extension of myself now and I see things in sometimes strange places that make really great pieces of art.

I never did get up the courage to go pro. With my medical career at the front of my path, photography took the back burner. There were so many times where I thought seriously about creating my own business – sometimes I still do. I even have a website and contract for “clients” but I never did anything with it. On occasion when a friend asks me to do their photos, I will post them to the site just because it is easier to deliver that way, but other than that, the site has lay dormant throughout the years. I am not a people-person. Introvert would probably be an understatement – hermit is more like it haha. I don’t like social interaction and that has held me back in many ways, both in photography and in life in general.

I suppose that portraiture isn’t probably my forte anyway. I still have a huge passion for photography. The art that comes from it is so beautiful. Honestly, photography is the creative art medium of our time. I love to tell stories with my photos, a motionless picture can compel so much emotion -humor, sadness, joy, the shadows and the highlights giving way to a story that can be universally understood, no matter what language you speak.


Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them.

– Elliott Erwitt

2 thoughts on “My Camera and Me

  1. I was also an introvert and started with nature scenes. When I finally got the nerve to ask a stranger if I could take there picture (a girl who was buying something from me off fb market) it was life changing. Now my love of photography forces me out of my shell all the time and it only makes me love it more! You should break out of whatever is holding you back from trying and give it a go. Your pictures are lovely.

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