ALDI Grocery Haul!

I know that grocery hauls are a popular thing. I enjoy watching them, getting dinner ideas and just seeing what other brands are out there for healthier or cheaper options. So I wanted to share with you an Aldi grocery haul. We were needing some dinners for the coming week so we ran to the store today before Sylas got home from school.

The first meal that I bought for is tacos. Javier is making us tacos al pastor this weekend so we bought:

Corn tortillas


Half pork loin

He already has the sauce made up. He made a big batch last time and froze half so we didn’t need much for the tacos. We still need a pineapple but, unfortunately Aldi didn’t have them today.

Next on this weeks menu is pork chops. I bought:

Thin sliced pork chops



I also meal planned for meatballs so I bought:

Two 1lb pkg grass fed ground beef


Frozen sweet potatoes

I also planned for a pizza night – momma needs an easy dinner night sometimes – and got:

1 medium cheese pizza – Javier and I put our own toppings on

Two rip n dip mini pizza rings

The rest is all miscellaneous things for smoothies, school lunches and snacks.

2 Danimals yogurt smoothies

Raspberry yogurt smoothie

Vanilla cream bread – that one may have jumped in the cart due to hunger-shopping

Mini muffins

Flour tortillas

Mexican blend cheese

Tropical blend frozen fruit






White cheddar puffs

And the grand total was less than a hundred bucks! Woo! Love Aldi!

If you want to see any recipes for anything I meal planned for, let me know and leave a comment!

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