Captain’s log day 2232

Tonight while laying with sylas as I’m trying to get him to sleep, as part of our nightly ritual after dinner, bath and story books, I let him talk about whatever comes to his mind. Tonight, the topic of discussion was his future house plans.

“Mom, maybe someday when I’m as tall as you, I can get mine own house. Would that be good? And maybe I can go get my kitty (we saw a kitten at petsmart the other day) and I can get a bird and a guinea pig and a hamster and probably a snake. Ooh and some fishes. Mom, I like mouses too.”

“That sounds like a great plan. You’ll have your own petting zoo, won’t you. How about a dog, will you have a dog?”

“Mmmhmm, yea and all of mine animals can live with me.”

“So what are you going to name your dog?”

“Ummm I think I’m gonna name him Buddy. And mine bird I can name him flappy. And I will name the fish swimmy. And my hamster can be chewy and the mouse can be squeaker.”

“Those sound like great names. You’re really good at naming pets.”

“Yea and I want mine house to be like this one. And it will have mine bedroom over there in the kitchen and the laundry room will be in the attic. And my kitty will have a giant giant scratching post over there. And I’ll have all of mine battle bots in the attic too.”

“Well it sounds like you’ve got it all figured out.”

These moments are some of my favorite. I seriously should write about them more often.

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