First Day of School

Sylas had his first day of Kindergarten this week. This momma had a hard time letting him go. I woke up early to make his lunch, which I was kind-of excited to do. I soaked it in while it lasted because I knew that soon enough I wouldn’t be enjoying it so much as it became mundane. Sylas didn’t want to get up. He stayed up too late the night before despite my efforts to get him to bed at a decent hour. Even laying in his bed for forty-five minutes. He spent most of it talking to me about everything under the sun. He dozed on the couch until I made him get dressed for school. Getting his customary first day of school photo at the front door was somewhat a chore too. His smile is full of sleep still. Soon enough, it was time to walk to the bus stop. The bus showed up right on time. Ivan, still in his jammies, tried to follow Sylas up the bus steps saying, “me go school bus,” poor fella missed his brother a lot. It didn’t hit me until he waved from the bus window. I told him “I love you, have a good day buddy,” and my voice broke. I had a little pity party when we got back to the house. I didn’t end up going in to work until nine, and because it was slow, and we were overstaffed, I volunteered to leave early, at noon. Waiting for Sylas felt like an eternity. We ran to the store to get some groceries and I let Ivan pick a toy for him and Sylas to surprise him when he got home. Amalia got a new doll. I laid Amalia down for a nap and Ivan and I walked to the bus stop to wait for Sylas. Ivan kept telling me that now it was his turn to ride the bus. Sylas hopped off the bus, happy as a clam, excited to tell me all about his day. They must’ve played most of the day and learned their classroom operations, like where to put their backpacks and taking roll-call. He was ravenous when we got home, finishing his lunch leftovers and then raiding the pantry for crackers, and still ate supper.

Crazy. I still haven’t realized that its real, that I have a Kindergartner. I try not to think about the fact that there’s only a few years of this and he will graduate. Because I already know that it will go quick.

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