Ivan’s Three Year Update

Ivan is three! This post, and posts like it are mostly for myself, to look back and compare what the kids were like when they were little.

Ivan has changed so much this year, as kids usually do. He isn’t quite as wild as he was as a toddler. His play consists of lots of pretend – being dinosaurs, ghosts, monsters and robots are his forte. Though still brave, exploring and climbing and getting into things he shouldn’t, he is suddenly afraid of the dark, and won’t fall asleep in his bed, though we can move him there once he is asleep and he will be fine. Ivan is officially potty trained. I’m not really sure when exactly it clicked with him, but he now knows the gotta-go feeling and takes it upon himself to go to the potty, and he announces it every time. He’s all boy, obsessed with the gross and sticky things. Farts and poop jokes are hilarious to him. Slime is his favorite. He loves Sonic the Hedgehog, Ghostbusters, Transformers and several 90s movies like the Iron Giant and Balto. His favorite food is pizza, but he’s my best eater. He loves meatballs, hotdogs and ham sandwiches. He eats macaroni and cheese too, but it isn’t his top five like it is for Sylas.

Despite this total boyish theme, he is absolutely a mamas boy. He’s a snuggle bug and he loves nothing more than to be with mama. Ivan is so sweet natured, helpful and caring. His third trip around the sun went by way too fast. Before I know it, he will be all grown up!

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