Captain’s Log Day 2,059

We typically only have one day a week where we are all together as a family. Its not even a full day, actually, but I get off from work pretty early so we have a good bit of time together. This past week, we decided to spend it at the lake. The kids love to play on the beach. Sylas loves looking for shells – he thinks they’re sea shells, but I’m not going to burst his bubble. Ivan – my typical wild child – throws rocks and clumps of sand into the water. And Amalia, she likes to just get right to exploring in the water and playing with the sand. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. A wonderfully perfect 82 degrees and the breeze coming across the water made for a perfect evening. We stopped at Sonic for slushes before heading to the lake – its pretty much tradition now.

The weekend before, we had our county fair. I took Amalia to the baby contest on Saturday morning. She won biggest eyes. Daddy was beaming with pride. We spent the day at Grandma and Papa’s house before heading back that evening to go see a monster truck show. I took the boys by myself. I think they enjoyed it, but got bored in the waiting. And of course we had to get there 30 minutes beforehand to get seats. The grandstands were packed. Once that was done, I bought the boys ten tickets each to ride the carnival rides, and got them some cotton candy and lemonade. I think they had a really good time. And even though momma was ready for bed at the end of the night, I enjoyed having a date day with my boys.

This week has been pretty mundane. And that’s ok. Sylas did go to vacation bible school this week. His preschool put on a week long VBS from 8-11:30 every day. I think he had lots of fun. He got to see his friends from preschool and it got him out of the house and away from his brother – gosh they’ve been fighting a lot lately. It was good for him to get a glimpse of a schedule, especially because he will be going to school all day in a couple more weeks. He hasn’t had to get up early for school in a while.

Today I am working – its my turn for a weekend shift. There’s a carnival close by and a baby contest that I have entered all of my kids in. My parents had entered my siblings and I as well when we were babies. So this morning, I think my mom is going to take Amalia to the baby contest, and this afternoon when I go pick the kids up, we will run to the carnival for a bit. A corn dog does sound good.

Its crazy to think that the summer is quickly coming to an end. I feel like this carnival has always been a signal that summer’s end is near. I’ve gotten a little bit of a head start on Sylas’ school shopping but there’s a few more things left on his list. Can’t believe I’m going to have a Kindergartner.

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