Captain’s log day : 2186

I realized the other day that it had been a month since I’ve been on here. We haven’t been too busy at home, but then again, its pretty busy when you’re raising three children. Its been a pretty steady month of the same old same old. Work, get home and start the dinner bath and bed routine; weekends are mostly filled with laundry catch-up and housekeeping. We took the kids to a theme park for the day at the beginning of June. They loved that. It was a very long day of traveling though, as it was a three  hour drive for us to get there, and we didn’t stay the night.

We celebrated Amalia’s first birthday. We had to wait a little while because she had gotten her vaccinations the day after her birthday and because my dad is immunocompromised, he can’t be around her for a couple weeks. We had a nice turn out. I did a walking taco bar to go along with her “First Fiesta” theme. The boys loved the pinata part.

We are planning a trip to see my mom’s sister and family next weekend. We had a trip in mind when we were discussing what to do this summer. My cousin and his wife just had their second baby. We had wanted to wait to visit so that we could meet the new little guy and timing worked out perfect! My youngest brother and his wife will be coming with us. We originally planned the visit to hang out and go see the zoo nearby. My aunt unexpectedly called my mom last week and broke the news that my uncle has cancer and was starting treatment soon. It’s going to be a bittersweet reunion.

The county fair is coming up in a couple weeks, so we will have fun taking the kids to see that. The boys love the carnival rides. They are having a monster truck show this year and I’d love to take the boys. They would get a kick out of that. Amalia’s last year for the baby contest is this year too.

We have started to potty train Ivan. Officially this time. We had tried a while back, but he absolutely refused to wear underwear or pull ups. Thursday – two days ago – I bought Sylas a new pack of underwear because he is outgrowing his old ones. He was trying to decide which pair to wear and Ivan came over wanting to pick his own out. I told him that those would be too big, but that we could go upstairs and choose some from the drawer. So he did just that. And we only had two accidents yesterday. So he is at Grandma and Papa’s  house today and I sent a backpack full of underwear and extra shorts. Cross your fingers that it goes well. He doesn’t really want to go sit on the potty, but he will if you take him, and he is so proud of himself when he does go. Lots of praise is in order with each trip. I’m hoping that we can get him ready for our road trip next weekend as we will be on the road about five hours. He has slept in underwear for two nights with no accidents so hopefully it holds up. I don’t plan to take diapers but I think I’ll pack some pull ups in case we get low on shorts. I’d just hate to undo all the work that we will put in this week training him.

Fourth of July was not a super day for us. It started out fine, but quickly went down the tubes. We got up bright and early to go to my parent’s house and help my dad work on his shop roof. That took about two and a half hours. We decided to go see my brother’s new house they just bought and get a tour. After that, we stopped for some ice cream in town. There’s a super cute Ice cream shoppe in my hometown and they serve the BEST ice cream. Javier and I went home after that. Amalia took her first – albeit late – nap of the day in the car on our way home. She didn’t end up taking another one. We were going to do BBQ ribs and my parent’s were planning to come over for supper. I realized that we didn’t have enough barbecue sauce and Javier and the kids wanted watermelon. So, I told him I’d take Amalia to Walmart with me while he had the boys in the back yard. I got rear-ended in the parking lot as I was leaving. There was a car waiting for my spot so I was watching out my rear window to make sure I had enough space. Once I was done backing out, I put it in drive and as I glanced over to check for pedestrians, I saw her reversing from her parking space, coming right toward me. I laid on my horn, but she hit me anyway. She was driving her grandmother’s car and couldn’t find the insurance information, so the police were going to get a hold of the owner and told me that once the report is filed, I will have access to her information. I was so shaken and upset over that ordeal. Nobody was hurt, but I just kept thinking about how she was a mere foot away from hitting Amalia’s door. Thank goodness she was going slowly and I had stopped. That put a damper on my whole evening. We had bought the boys some fireworks to set off, just the small stuff like confetti poppers and those chickens that squeal. Then we planned to go across town and watch the city put on their display. We left about 45 minutes early so that we would have a parking spot. We parked in a strip mall area and drug out our folding chairs. Amalia still hadn’t had a second nap and was getting fussy. The fireworks start at nine and I thought if we could just make it to 9:15, we could go home. Ivan wanted in and out of the back hatch of the car and was tracking dust all over the back – it hasn’t rained here all month. Then Sylas had to go potty. As usual, he has to go when we are in a new place. But at 3 till nine on the Fourth of July, the shops had all closed. No bathrooms and running a mile up the road would mean losing our parking space. I asked if we could go around the corner and pee, but he insisted on a bathroom. So I had had enough and we left, right as the first firework went off. We didn’t get to see any fireworks that night.

Looking back, I can see why its important to post more often. Jeepers that post got long quick! I’ll try harder this month to get on schedule.

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