Amalia’s 12 Month Update

Amalia had her first birthday this past week! My baby is ONE! She had her doctor appointment and weighed 14lb 14oz and 26 inches long. Developmentally, she is meeting all of her milestones perfectly. She officially started walking just two days before her birthday. She had taken a couple steps here and there before that, but she suddenly got some courage to let go and full out walk. She’s still pretty wobbily, but she can walk across a small room before falling down. She’s so proud of herself too, putting on a cheesy face when you praise her. She has a lot of dark brown hair and its starting to get long enough that its in her eyes and I can make a small ponytail in the back. She absolutely hates to wear bows. She will pull her hair if she even thinks that you put a bow on her head. She has also started to talk more these last couple weeks. She legit said chicken when we were looking at my parents chickens the other day. Everyone heard it plain as day. She babbles a lot and has several sounds now. She still loves to eat everything in sight and gets super excited when we open the pantry or refrigerator. She still nurses, mostly at night and nap times. I’m not sure when total weaning will happen. I’m not in a super hurry, but I am somewhat ready to be done also. I do want her to get lots of good nutrients from me though, especially given her teeny stature – she still fits into 0-3 and 3-6 onsies guys. She’s teeny. Like her doctor says, she’s on her own growth chart, but its consistent in pattern to everyone else so they aren’t worried.

Its crazy to think that my little baby is one already. I am sad to see the first year gone, but so excited for what is to come as Amalia enters probably my most favorite age there is.

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