Amalia’s 11 Month Update

She is officially ELEVEN months old! I can’t believe she will have her birthday next month!! She is changing so much now, becoming more of a little toddler than a baby.  She lets go of furniture while she cruises and stands for a few seconds at a time. She does it a lot, actually, trying to get those legs strong enough for her first steps. She no longer eats puree baby food and can eat pretty much what the rest of us do with some modifications here and there. We are weaning as well. She just started hardly nursing or taking bottles of my milk. My body has slowed down drastically so I started to give her bottles from frozen to help us wean. We have gone through all of the frozen milk now and she is taking cows milk, usually 2-3 ounces before bed and my pumped milk in the daytime (or nursing if I am off work). She definitely prefers to have food. She is really busy, getting into things is her forte. She loves to find the baby wipes package and pull them out, one by one. She will eat just about any crumb she can possibly find, so momma has to keep up on the sweeping. She loves to chase after her brothers and has discovered the stairs. We still have a baby gate with a door so she is safe, but the boys are going to have to re-learn that they have to shut it when they head upstairs. She still mostly just babbles dada and she squeals a lot. She can say mama and  baba, and a few others but she doesn’t unless shes upset. She gives kisses and waves bye-bye and loves to boogie when she hears music, shaking her head and bobbing her body. She also does this really cute thing where she holds her hands out and grasps at the air when its windy, she really likes to feel the wind. When she is getting ready to get into something, sometimes I catch her pondering whether mama would approve of the decision she’s about to make. She will crawl over, sit, and then shake her head no as if she is thinking “what would mama say?” before proceeding with the shenanigans. She does what Ivan used to do with his “cheese face” as we called it. They crinkle their nose and smile and suck air in through their teeth, it makes her look super ornery. She has the most beautiful smile. I love her smile. I think that she looks so much like me, and it makes me feel good to see her pretty smile. I never thought I’d have a chance to see what my smile would’ve looked like had I not been born with a cleft. She has a lot of my same mannerisms as well. We will probably butt heads when she’s a teenager because we are so much alike. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so excited to see where this next month takes us.

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