Captain’s Log: Day 2122

Yesterday could not have been a better day. It was gorgeous outside. I had the back door propped open all morning with the front windows open, the air just flowing through the whole house. Amalia woke up early, at 6, so I decided to take her on my early morning grocery run. I like to sneak out and go to the store early in the morning before the kids wake up. I don’t thoroughly enjoy taking the kids all the time – all the moms feel me. That coupled with the fact that almost nobody goes to the store bright and early before 8am on a Friday or Saturday morning – depending on if I work the weekend. Its peaceful and a nice moment to myself. We got back home to all the guys still in bed! What the what?! Because she woke up so early, she went down for a nap at 9am and slept until 12:15! #momwin They boys played out in the back yard all morning in the sand box and drug out their pretend mowers and “yard work” toys. I spiffed up the house and did laundry in the meantime. The kids and I ate some pizza outside in the back yard. Javier came home fifteen minutes early, which never happens. We decided to not waste the beautiful day and headed to the lake for a bit. The water was really low so there was a lot of beach to play on. The kids had an absolute blast. I think it wore them out because they all went to bed without a hitch.

It made me super excited for our family vacation next year. Our family is planning a beach vacay and renting a beach house. I cannot wait! I need some more sun and sand in my life.

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