Captain’s Log Day 2,121

I noticed that I hadn’t written in nearly a month a couple days ago and put it on my to-do list. I don’t really know what to write about other than mundane life happenstances, because, well, life is pretty boring at the moment.

Currently, we are all sick with a pair – yes, two – of viruses that have caused coughs and runny noses all around. Poor Amalia has diarrhea on top of the cold. Unfortunately one of the viruses we have can cause that in babies and toddlers along with the respiratory symptoms. Gatorade, sitz baths, snuggles and LOTS of diapers and wipes on hand. I honestly am wishing for preschool to be over with. I hate that because that means he is growing up faster and faster, but the constant sickness has got me beat. He literally brought home a cold on the second day of school… in the heat of AUGUST and we have been sick every other week since then. I swear, between the months of October and January we never had a full seven day stretch where we were all healthy. He technically only has 8 days of school left in the next two weeks so we are closer, but I am sure he will bring home at least one more bug before he’s through. Sigh.

The weather has FINALLY taken a turn for the better. We had snow for the first two weeks of April and some pretty chilly weather for about another week. Suddenly it shot up to near-80-degree weather there that last week and this first week of May. I think we have completely skipped spring. That is kinda sad, its hot all of a sudden and with the rain we have had the past couple of days, the humidity has skyrocketed. I suppose I’m OK with that though, because it beats the freezing cold. I think I was getting a case of the winter blues. I was literally getting angry at all of the cold weather. The kids were getting some cabin fever as well and have been so enjoying the outdoor time lately. We spend nearly every evening outside for at least an hour, if not more. And they have been sleeping SO WELL! #momwin

My tree in the front yard bloomed last week. It looked so beautiful with all of those white flowers on it. I did notice that it wasn’t as full – like many of the trees in the area. I think that the sneak peek at spring that we had in March tricked the trees into budding and then it froze them off again. I was worried that they wouldn’t bloom at all. The other trees all around are still pretty bare, just making sure that the weather is going to stay warm, I suppose.

I hosted a bridal shower at our church for my future sister-in-law last weekend and the kids spent the day with their grandpa. Both of the boys had a sleepover Friday night so that I wouldn’t have to get them around in the morning while getting stuff ready for her shower. Sylas stayed Saturday night as well. The boys have been in a fighting mood lately and I thought they needed some time apart. I think it did some good because they have been playing together a lot the past couple days. Amalia will be ELEVEN months in a few short days! I can’t believe it. As usual, I’ll be posting about her newfound tricks in the coming days. Sneak peek: she is letting go to stand by herself and getting really good at it.

I really should blog more often, but sometimes, life is happening and I’m busy enjoying it. I really do try to live in the moment and be present. I usually snap a couple photos of whatever the kids are doing, but I try to wait until we are wound down for a minute to post to my social media and things like that.

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