Amalia’s 10 Month Update

This girl is TEN months old!? What?!? As usual, ever changing, Amalia has learned new things this month. She still has the same 8 teeth, but chews on her fingers a lot which has me thinking shes trying to get another set in in the back. She still wears 3-6 month clothes and I’ve officially went through her dresser and packed up all of the 0-3 stuff. She still babbles mama and dada but her new thing is screeching really loudly when she plays by herself. She also has a “sleepy song” that she sings when she is trying not to fall asleep even when she needs to. Its sort of a low humming/grumbling sound, she only does it when she is tired. She also knows what I mean when I ask her if she wants a snack. Her eyes immediately meet mine and widen, she gets all excited and flails her arms – yogurt bites are her favorite. She is losing interest in baby food and prefers table food now. Mac and cheese, pizza and torn up PB sandwiches are some of her favorites, though she will usually eat anything that is on my plate as long as its not spicy. She can shake her head no and knows to stop when I say no to her. She also shakes her head and flails her arms when she “dances” which is so cute. The kids and I have been enjoying Daddy Yankee’s new song, Dura and she likes to get down and boogie to it too, resulting in an all-out dance party in the living room between the kids and I. Sleep-wise, she does really well. She has a little cold right now which makes her somewhat restless – and the teething thing does too. She definitely prefers to sleep without touching someone else, which makes me sad, but I suppose it will make her transition to her own bed easier. She still nurses about twice a night, but her daytime nursing has cut back drastically. I think that she may be self-weaning because she only nurses in the daytime before her long naps – that’s twice in the day and twice at night. Coupled with her interest in real food, I feel like she may  be letting the boob go on her own. She is still going through a super clingy phase, to me in particular. If I worked that day, she hardly lets me put her down all evening and cries a lot when I need to so that I can, y’know pee and stuff. Sometimes I try putting her in the Onbuhimo on my back while I cook but she doesn’t really care for that either, not for long anyway.

Its almost time to start thinking about her first birthday party. I’ve been looking at pinterest for ideas and shopping around on amazon for age-appropriate gifts for her. Its a bittersweet time for us mommas, when our babies have their first birthday. I am excited though, to see how the months bring change in her as she learns and grows.

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