Capitain’s Log: Day 2078

We took the kids out to the park a couple days ago while the weather wasn’t too cold. they’ve been getting cabin fever, and with the Midwest weather – ever changing – it makes it hard to make plans to go outside. One day it will be nearly seventy degrees outside and then it will snow that night and into the next day. We get just a small taste of spring before we are forced back inside and the kids are dying to burn off all of this winter energy they’ve stored up.

It was just over fifty degrees Monday so we went to the lake park and let the kids play for a while. I brought along my camera and took some photos of the kids too. Photography is one of my favorite things to do. It brings me a calmness and lets my artistic side come out. I used to think that I wanted to be a professional photographer – and sometimes I still like the idea – but life happened and I don’t have much time for a whole lot outside of family and work.

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It turned out to be a pretty nice, relaxing Monday afternoon. We went back home and ordered a pizza and had a movie night on the couch watching Ferdinand. Its a cute movie by the way. Most people hate Mondays. I do dread the getting up for work part, but Mondays are the only days that we have as a family in the evening so I kind of like them too. I’m not the only one responsible for feeding and bathing all the kids and I usually get to take a nice shower with the door closed for once.

The coming month is going to be crazy at work as we are getting new Chemistry instruments. Its not going to be pretty. Everyone is stressed out and our work space is cut in half while we have both sets of instruments running – the new and the old pair – so that we can get the new ones ready to go live while still being able to run tests on the old ones. We are short staffed to boot so its going to be a super fun time – sarcasm. I cannot wait for nice weather so that we can go do things and be outside. As much as the boys need it, so does their momma!


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