Captain’s Log: Day 2060

The past couple weeks have been… what have they been…. busy? Starting the 17th, I had an all day headache with neck weakness and lethargy with weakness throughout my whole body. Since it was a Saturday, I went to the local Urgent Care. The doc saw me all of two minutes, told me it was a virus and sent me home – with a script for an antibiotic, which won’t help with a virus so I didn’t fill it. I continued to have headaches that entire two weeks following – still do today. After having my neck adjusted, an ER visit that resulted in a migraine cocktail that left me feeling so drugged I could barely hold my head up and another doctors visit, I had a CT scan two days ago. Thank goodness that was all clear but I still have not seen any relief from these headaches. I will probably have a follow-up appointment sometime next week, possibly another adjustment or an OMM appointment. I never have headaches. Like, hardly ever. This is so out of the norm for me. I’m so tired, tired of the pain, tired of being lethargic, tired of rotating Tylenol and ibuprofen for it not to work to the full effect. I don’t want to keep taking pills trying to get

The kids have been really good with me through all of this. Sylas is a big help with his little sister, Ivan has been playing well with his big brother and Amalia has been her usual happy girl. The boys played forever upstairs in their bedroom yesterday while Amalia napped and I tried to rest. I took a load of laundry up there in the afternoon and found an absolute disaster zone in their room. I decided it will have to wait a couple days before the cleanup crew can get in there and start searching for bodies – haha.

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