Amalia’s 8 Month Update

Time just keeps escaping me with this little girl! Eight months flew by! Growth-wise, not much has changed this month I don’t think. BUT she has officially learned to crawl! She is so BUSY too. A couple weeks ago while we were all quarantined with our sickness, she finally got the hang of it. She follows me everywhere now and seeks me out every time I leave the living room where she usually plays. Some how she’s really good at finding small bits and crumbs – and of course those non-edibles too – and stuffing them in her mouth but she still needs help feeding herself those rice puff things. Funny how that works, isn’t it? She finally did get that other eye tooth in on top, but not even a week later she started to teethe again and now has another bottom tooth to get through – she’s got one of the next set out already. I’ve resorted to keeping her swing in our bedroom and turning on some white noise and shutting the door for her naps. She just cannot sleep during the day with the boys being loud. And if she loses even an hour of daytime naps, shes horrid at bedtime, fussing and fighting sleep SO HARD. She’s definitely a foodie. Amalia loves to eat big people food that she can bite off and chew. You have to be really careful because she will take a big bite if you’re not looking. She loves eating bananas that way. She still has a couple puree meals in the day but she’s enjoying real food more and more. She usually tries everything that is on my plate, from cooked carrots and crackers to peanut butter sandwiches and cinnamon rolls. I feel like she will be ready to switch to more solids soon, but then again it seems like her puree food journey didn’t last that long. When she’s ready, she’ll let me know I suppose. Amalia has started to go through that stranger danger phase. I brought her in to work for a quick second the other day and she acted like she might cry at the sight of all of these people she didn’t know. She just sort of stared at them with an occasional “I’m going to be polite” smile. She has been saying mama for quite a while now, but this month shes added in babbling dada and b sounds. She is such a happy baby. She smiles just looking at her. When I come in the door after work and she meets my eyes, she absolutely lights up and starts to crawl toward me, squealing with delight. It makes my heart burst. There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a child.

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