Survival Mode

This week has been rough guys. All five of us have RSV after Sylas brought it home from school exactly a week ago. I’m constantly wearing someone else’s mucus, chasing kids around going from nose to nose with a box of tissues trying to keep it under control. One sneeze and Niagara falls cuts loose. We have been in survival mode this week. I didn’t really meal plan at all and its been an “eat what you can find” sort of week, which is probably for the best anyway because none of the littles have an appetite worth cooking for. I haven’t cleaned or tidied at all unless you count hosing down the toys and doorknobs with Lysol after everyone is in bed. Laundry has been abundant; three days in a row I had to wash our bed sheets or covers because either a) someone had a bloody nose in the night from drying out with the cold or b) had a vomit-inducing coughing fit. Yea that happened…twice on the bed and three times in the living room. To top it all off, Amalia has been teething her next bottom teeth this week too. She got one out but the other is being stubborn. Nobody has slept well at night. For four days straight I got maybe four hours of sleep a night. I’m exhausted. And I can’t get well unless I can rest but there is no rest for a momma of three when they are all sick too. Work has been busier than usual with the flu season upon us too. I ended up having to call in last Friday because my dad can’t watch the kids when they are sick. I think I am going to come in early this Friday and work for a few hours and head home early for Javier to go to work. I was hoping we would be better by now but I still don’t think its safe for them to be around Dad yet, being immunocompromised and all. I do think that they are starting to feel better but we haven’t reached the end yet. Like I said, we are just trying to survive for now.

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