The KonMari Method

Since beginning my major lifestyle change, I have learned a lot, and its only been what, a week? Probably not even that long. After seeing a lot of videos about the “KonMari method” from YouTube, I decided to google it and investigate a bit more. I had the general idea of what it was about – you toss all your things in a pile on the floor and sort them and then organize the things you keep. It sounded simple. I found out that it was all based around a book titled The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up By Marie Kondo. I had a free trial for audible that provided one free book so I thought, what the heck, its free after all. Wow. It was so helpful in my decision making process and brought a lot of tips and tricks for organization and storage. In the book, Marie encourages a pattern to follow when purging your things, insisting that following the rule will ensure that you will never have to do it again. I must say that this whole process has opened my eyes a lot and I definitely don’t want to EVER have this much stuff again. I have to say that there are a few parts that are a little weird for me, such as thanking your possessions for serving their purpose. She has a thought process and belief – a sort of Feng-shue thing – that inanimate objects have feelings that contribute to your overall mood, claiming that the articles will tell you what they want you to do, be it keep or donate. I must admit that I haven’t been thanking my clothes for keeping me warm. Its not really my thing. But the rest of the book was pretty awesome.

I’ve made a lot of headway so far in the three days since my last post. Six bags of donated items and four to the garbage – mostly my old stuffed animals that donation centers don’t really want anyway along with clothes that were worn and some shredded papers. I still have a lot to go and I foresee probably five more bags to donate and another to the trash. I didn’t realize just how much stuff we owned until I started going through it piece by piece. Admittedly I haven’t been following her book to the letter. To be fair, I started purging before I found the book. I spent a couple hours one afternoon dumping totes from the attic while the kids weren’t home. I got a lot done that day, but didn’t go back in there because the kids are home now and they aren’t very helpful in the attic. So I tackled my bedroom some more. We actually re-arranged the furniture Monday which opened a whole can of worms. I have actually gone through my clothes four times now. I open my closet and see that there are still a ton of clothes in there and I can’t possibly imagine myself wearing that many things. I still probably have enough to go 60 days without wearing the same thing twice. I wasn’t planning on it, because I like  hanging my clothes and I felt that it was easy to pick something out real quick, but I decided to start folding my clothes her way. It actually makes a lot more sense once you have it that way. And because I had gone through and purged so much, I now have two empty drawers to put my hanging clothes in.


That drawer would’ve been overflowing pre-purge. I know it looks like a lot of t-shirts, but its practically all I wear, and I wear each of these regularly. No shame in my game.

I wear scrubs to work every day. When I get home, I usually change into yoga pants or leggings or some form of workout wear. I was really surprised when I went through my denim drawer. Nearly twenty pair of jeans -after sorting and donating – and almost ten pair of shorts. I almost never wear jeans. I could probably widdle that down to three or four pair and be set for life. The shorts I wear a lot in the summer so I can justify having those.

We plan on getting a new dresser – the one we have now is a relic of my childhood that I’ve had for many years. So I will give myself time to think about my denim drawer and when we move the clothes around, I am going to force myself to pick and choose.

I have tweaked a couple of things from the KonMari method That I feel suit me better. Folding tops her way, you lay the shirt face up which ends in a shirt that you can only see the back of. So I lay mine face down so that, once folded, I can recognize which one it is by seeing a sampling of what the front looks like. I fold my jeans so that you can see the pockets which helps me identify which pair it is as well.

I hope to keep trucking along and get it done by my summer deadline. It is a daunting task and it really is tiring. I’ll continue to keep you posted here on my blog. As always, If you have any tips, leave me a comment below!

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