Amalia’s Seven Month Update

This month snuck up on me! I think that with all of the Holidays, time just escaped me. Amalia is seven months old! She weighed just over 13 pounds at her doctors visit at the end of December. She is transitioning into 3-6 month clothes now. She is working on getting her last little tooth in right now and shes been pretty restless and grumpy. She is getting four top teeth in at the same time – ouch! Three of them are out, but she has one eye tooth left to go. She’s been chewing on everything so I hope she can get it through soon and maybe our teething woes will be behind us for a little bit. Poor girl. In other news, Amalia has learned to sit up unassisted for long periods of time. She enjoys playing on the floor with a handful of toys at her disposal. She is SO CLOSE to crawling. Shes got the rocking motion down and can work her legs to make “steps” but she still hasn’t mastered picking up her hands yet. I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified that the day is coming when she will be on the move. She is on a 1-2 puree meal a day with rice puffs and yogurt melts for snacks. Squash is her absolute favorite, hands down. She’s been on a bit of a nursing strike – I guess that’s what I’d call it. She pulls off a lot when she nurses, I’ve even tried doing it in a quiet dark room and she still does it, and its not my let down either. Yet, she has been stirring to nurse every hour at night – udderly exhausting… pun intended. I think that a lot of it has to do with her teeth, but man, I wish we could get some relief. She hasn’t been sleeping soundly in the daytime either. Every little sound could wake her up – and you know that with a house of big brothers, nothing is quiet. This has all been in the last two weeks that she’s been restless but shes been teething for a month now – her first three teeth were out in no time. I’ve given her some Tylenol a couple times, which seems to make her happier, but I hate giving it to her too much. Its a catch-22 because I also worry that she is in pain and can’t tell me either.

Hopefully by our next update, her tooth will have come out and we can be back to my happy girl!

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