Amalia’s Six Month Update

Well that just flew by. I am completely amazed at just how fast time goes when you are in the throes of motherhood. Amalia is roughly just over 13 pounds now, weighed with the bathroom scale and some math. She can still fit some 0-3 month clothes but i am gradually switching out her closet to 6 month stuff. She is also still in size 2 diapers. She still desperately wants to sit up, but still teeters some and falls over. She is thisclose to getting up on all fours and I know it won’t be long after that that she is crawling. She does a sort of bulldozer meets army crawl at the moment, planting her forehead on the floor and shoving forward with her feet, butt in the air, and can spin herself around the carpet by grabbing on to the fibers and puling. So she is absolutely mobile at this point, but not crawling. She loves to be standing too. I got the walker out and she can barely touch with one tippy toe if she sits crooked in the seat. But she loves it when her brothers pretend she is a race car driver and push her around the kitchen, they are all in a fit of giggles. She enjoys baby food. I think it is time to start doing a small meal every day now that she has a good variety under her belt. I was doing three days of pureed food once/day and then waiting the rest of the week to make sure there are no allergies. So far so good, so I think we will start with a daily lunch time “meal.” She loves her bath, though I have stopped using the baby bath seat as she can push herself nearly out of the thing. She splashes and jabbers the whole time shes in the tub. She likes to blow bubbles and raspberries and her feet make great toys. Her hair is coming back in on the back of her head where she had worn it off. She is happy nearly all of the time. She is going through a sleep regression at the moment. Well, I take that back. It might be over – fingers crossed – because last night she slept pretty well. We had about four to five nights where she woke up frequently and was difficult to get her back to sleep – a few times she even started to coo and talk in the dark, eyes wide awake. She is looking more and more like her mommy every day. She makes so many of the same expressions that I have seen in my baby photos. Many people, strangers included, tell me that she looks just like me. It makes my heart feel happy to hear that. She is an absolute doll. I don’t even have enough words to express what a blessing and a joy she has been. Though I am excited to see what these next months bring, time can slow down a little bit. Before We know it, she will have her very first Christmas.

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