Christmas Gift Ideas

This year is probably going to be one of my favorite Christmases yet. I’ve got kids of different ages and stages that are taking in the holiday season in different ways. Sylas is really excited for it this year. He asks daily how far away it is. We actually mailed his letter to Santa yesterday. He was so excited to drop it into the post office mailbox. We made a special trip across town to the PO just so he and Ivan could mail their letters all by themselves. Ivan has no idea what’s coming, but on Christmas morning it will hit him and I know he will be so excited. Of course there’s Amalia too. She has no clue about any of it, but its her first Christmas and it will always be special to me.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the things that the kids are asking for this year and thought I’d share them with all of you. I know its hard sometimes to get ideas. Here we go!

First up is a Lego set. I was hesitant on getting them Legos because Amalia will be into everything before we know it, but they are really into Ninjago lately.

Next, yet another Lego set. Like I mentioned before, the boys LOVE Ninjago. So they’ll each be getting a set of Ninjago Legos.

They have been asking for steering wheels for the Wii console. They love to play Mario kart but using the remote as a steering wheel is kind of hard to understand, especially for Ivan.

We got a water pad for Ivan one year for Christmas too. I’m pretty sure that it got a hole in it at some point and got thrown away. His was a little whale shape. I thought that Amalia would like this one. They are great for tummy time entertainment which can be so hard to come by.

I also want to get the kids practical things. Heaven knows we don’t need any more toys in this house. The boys really like my tumbler cup so I found these little kid versions. Maybe now they will leave my drink alone haha.

I also got them a set of magnetic tiles. We got a couple of the smaller sets of the name brand from Target. They were SO expensive though. These are off brand, but the Amazon reviews looked great, so I went with them instead. You get quadruple the tiles for the same price. Can’t beat that.

We already have a small bead maze, but I thought that this wooden cube toy would be fun for Amalia and help in her development also. The bright colors and different activities all in the same toy is great.

Last, but not least, the Power Wheels Wild Thing. Sylas has been BEGGING for this. He raves about it all day. He even asks to watch YouTube videos of kids riding it. Santa is taking care of that one. *wink 😉

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