Amalia’s Five Month Update

This month has been pretty steady with last month for Amalia. Continuing to develop in pretty much the same areas as her fourth month. She rolls over and still likes to sit with assistance but shes still pretty tipsy. She LOVES to bounce on her legs in your lap. Her hand coordination gets better every day. She babbles a lot when she plays on the floor, especially with her hands in her mouth. She is still in 0-3 month clothes and size 2 diapers. Still has two little teeth. We started exploring baby food this month also. So far she has tried rice cereal with some of my milk to start, green beans and squash. I did one food a week on its own to ensure there were no allergies. I think that the squash was her favorite but she is a foodie and will eat any of them haha. She wiggles and kicks her legs with excitement when its dinner time and grabs at the spoon each time it gets to her mouth which can be pretty messy. I haven’t been too consistent with solid feedings. I don’t do it every day at the moment, just introducing. Especially since she isn’t even six months yet and she doesn’t need it for the nutrition so much as learning new reflexes. She still spits out a lot of what she eats because of her tongue thrust reflex. Teaching her to swallow and gearing her taste buds up for solid foods is the main goal anyway.

I can’t believe that month six is right around the corner! Half a year already?!

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