Learning New Things


This past Friday while I was at work, Javier sent me that photo. “Look what your daughter is doing,” he said. She straight up sat herself up in her baby swing all by herself. She was buckled in, but she could have easily fallen flat on her face because she doesn’t have the muscle tone to hold herself upright yet. Crazy girl! Slow down ’cause this momma’s not ready yet! She has been wanting to sit up for a while now. She refuses to lay down when you hold her, always wanting to be held upright and able to look around. She prefers frequent changes in scenery too.


I got her boppy pillow out again and tried propping her up on the bed with it while I folded some laundry. She liked it for a while until she reared up and fell backwards. It seems I can’t get anything done anymore without her having a fit about not being upright. She doesn’t mind when I put her in my carrier and wear her while I do things, but some things just need to be done with lots of room in front of me. She isn’t quite big enough to be worn on my back either.

I got home from work on Friday to also find that she had broken her first tooth through! I feel like it’s so early for her to have a tooth, but it is so cute when she smiles. Her pearly white snaggletooth shines so bright, just like her eyes.


She’s been on the grumpy side lately and I think it’s a combination of being sick, her wanting to sit and her other tooth trying to make its way in beside the first one. She has also been chewing on her fingers a lot. I’ve been giving her Tylenol here and there to try and help her. I don’t like to medicate my kids a lot, but I also hate to see her hurting.

Ivan is FINALLY using his words more. He is still really hard to understand, especially if you aren’t around him a lot – he’s nearly impossible to comprehend. But he does have some sounds and his own version of words that he uses consistently. I think he is enjoying the fact that he sees that I can understand him now and that we can communicate. He makes lots of eye contact when he is conversing. He can tell me what he needs and he can get it faster when he can say that to me. I think he likes that. That’s not to say he doesn’t get pretty upset and frustrated when I don’t  have the slightest idea what he is trying to say. We have had several of those terrible two tantrums over it. I have to say though, that the age that he is at right now is my favorite. It was that way with Sylas too. I just really enjoy the age between the first birthday and the third. They are so ready to learn about the world and they are slowly gaining independence, but they are still completely dependent on you at the same time. He wants to get his own juice box from the refrigerator and poke the straw in, but he also still needs me to rock him when he is ready for a nap.


I also got the woolly bear a haircut a couple weeks ago. I have to say that I was hesitant to get it done because he looked so cute with his long, shaggy, wispy hair. He looks so much older now. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much hair he has. I thought it was still pretty thin, but the back of his head where she used the clippers is decently thick. He still has that baby fine hair though. Its so soft, but so hard to cut. And it just lays there, stick straight.


Sylas is learning all sorts of things at school. He can now write the alphabet up to the letter I and can count in Spanish to ten and English to thirteen and can correlate the numbers between the languages – uno=one, dos=two. He is growing up so much, not only mentally, but physically as well. I am going to have to get him all new pants soon because his are getting to be short. He is into helping around the house a lot, which I am trying my hardest to let him do – even if I have to re-do it later. He likes to vaccuum and help unload the dish washer and put the laundry in the dryer – mostly because he likes to help me push the button when we are done. He also loves to add the soap to the new loads. I can’t believe we are coming up on this boy’s fifth birthday.

They are all growing up right before my eyes. It hurts my heart sometimes, but only because it is bursting with pride and joy.

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